New York Board for Engineering and Land Surveying

Continuing Education Requirements

Total Hours36
  Max Online Hours  18
  Allow Carryover Hours    no
  Hours Breakdown
Ethics1 hours
  Renewal Period  Triennial
  Notes: Link to NYS FAQs

A minimum of 18 hours must be in live courses.
A maximum of 18 hours may be in Educational Activities. There are seven educational activities: preparing and teaching a course, authoring an article in a peer reviewed journal, making a technical presentation, obtaining a patent, completing a self study course with an exam, completing and educational tour, service on technical committee or task force.

Contact: Jane Blair P.E.
Phone: (518) 474-3817
Fax: (518) 473-6282
Address:Education Building, 89 Washington Avenue, Second Floor Mezzanine East-Wing
Albany, New York 12234-1000
United States

Joseph “Joe” Berger P.E., L.S.
Leonard Campolieta
Roman Figler III P.L.S.
Keith Giles P.E., L.S.
Edwin Haas P.E.
Alfonso Lopez P.E.
Dennis Mowers L.S.
Harvey Palmer Ph.D., P.E.
Ennala Ramabhushanam P.E.
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