Indiana State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers

Continuing Education Requirements

Total Hours30
  Max Online Hours  None
  Allow Carryover Hours    Yes
  Hours BreakdownEthics 1 hours

Laws and Regulation 1 hours

  Renewal Period  Biennial
  Notes: For more details on Indiana’s specific requirements, visit

Contact: Amy Hall
Phone: (317) 234-3022
Fax: (317) 233-4236
Address:402 West Washington Street, Room W072
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
United States

Mark Downey P.E.
Vincent “Vince” Drnevich Ph.D., P.E.
Stephen Gillman P.E.
Opal Kuhl P.E.
Ethan Manning
John Sauer P.E.
Harold Snead Jr P.E.
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