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Stream Hydraulics | 4 PDH

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Course Description

In this online course a student will understand the essentials of stream hydraulics and the various formulas and calculations available to solve problems associated with streams.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand channel cross-section parameters: flow depth, hydraulic depth, and hydraulic radius,
  • Discuss the dimensionless numbers,
  • Understand the continuity equation, Bernoulli equation and conservation of momentum equations,
  • Explain hydraulic calculations for uniform flow in a stream,
  • Explain the use of weirs for flow measurement,
  • Discuss channel routing procedures.

Completion Certificate

You will be able to immediately print a certificate of completion after completing all sections of instruction and passing a 20 question multiple-choice quiz. The quiz can be retaken unlimited times until a passing grade of 70% or better is earned. This course satisfies four (4) professional development hours (PDH) of continuing education.
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